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Alameda County Oakland Pink Pistols
Oakland, Ca 94601

Phone: (510) 533-5301

Facebook Page: OPP Announcements

Due to the Orlando tragedy, there is a sudden surge of interest and inquiry for joining our chapter. We have decided to have an OFFICIAL MEETING on 6/22 Wednesday at 6pm at the San Leandro Rifle and Pistol Range. If you are new, women get in for free on Wednesday night. Regular fees are $25, and after passing a range safety test that takes only 15 minutes with the RSO walking you through it, you will receive a range card that allows you to pay $15 from then on. For this official meeting, San Leandro Rifle and Pistol range will waive all our fees, so please join us. If transportation is a problem, we can pick you up at San Leandro BART. Please call or email us.
5:30pm Arrive at Fruitvale BART station if you want to be picked up. 6pm the last pick up. Beige Honda Van with Blue Handicap Placard.
6:00pm Start. 20 free passes at need basis for non-female. Those that have range card can go ahead and on your own, or you can take our own range card test immediately.
6:15: Bill Hodges, NRA instructor, will conduct a 45 minutes safety class for everyone, at the end of the class, you should pass your range card test so that you will pay $15 from then on.
7:00pm: Everyone comes out and learn shooting. We have six lanes. I expect everyone to have the range card by now.
7:30pm: Bill Hodges will hold the FSC class so that you can pass it and get your FSC if your desire. It will be mailed out to you, or depending on the situation, I might be able to print them out. We want you to be able to get your first firearm ASAP.

**NEWS FLASH** San Leandro Range has given us 20 free tickets for this event, so everyone should be covered. However, please take the range test before you leave so that next time you will only need to pay $15. We have reserved six lanes for this event. **NEWS FLASH** We also can give you the firearm safety certification class and exam so that after today's meeting you will be able to purchase your first firearm. In California, in addition to background check, a FSC is required for purchasing a firearm. We want YOU to be up and running!

In July of 2012, people saw a dire need for an active chapter of the Pink Pistols movement in the East Bay, California. There are affiliates in both San Francisco and San Jose but none are located here in Oakland. The people decided to go ahead and found the Oakland Chapter with hope that there would be others interested in joining. During the same time, one of the founders contacted the Alameda Chapter and it has since been decided to incorporate them into the Oakland Chapter thus forming a solid Alameda County presence.

Who We Are

Alameda County Pink Pistols is for GLBT and supporters and strives to remain a politically neutral organization dedicated to activism in regards to GLBT rights and the Second Amendment. We do not discriminate against gender, sexual orientation/identification, religion, personal political stances. All members must be at least 18 years of age and legally eligible to own or handle a firearm safely and responsibly. It is our mission to provide a safe, educational but fun and comfortable non-judgmental environment for all members to feel at ease while at a social gathering or during scheduled range meetups. Beginning shooters are welcome to join and are under no pressure to handle a firearm at any time.
Education, safety and responsibility will be enforced at all times on the range or during a live fire situation.