My Red Car

I was born in Canutillo and raised in Las Cruces, although right now I am living in Albuquerque. I am a New Mexico boy and I am proud of it! Naturally I share my dad's passion of only collecting Santa Fe trains. Dad said that it is called BNSF now, which other than Santa Fe also includes Burlington, Great Northern, Frisco, and Burlington is fine as long as it is not Union Pacific!

My favorite Santa Fe Red Box Car! Meow!

My Santa Fe Red Box Car in my tiger tunnel..sometimes I bring it into my tunnel where I can sleep with it

Another view of the car in my tunnel

Today I feel like sleeping in my dad's closet. My dad caught me by surprise..

I'm still kinda sleepy...

Now I don't feel like sleeping anymore...Dad is annoying sometimes

Being the proud Santa Fe supporter, I dislike Union Pacific. Dad bought one awhile ago because it was almost free, he gave it to me to play. Naturally there is only one thing I can do to any Union Pacific trains. I am a killer, and I am merciless towards the enemy. Look at my work in this picture! Grrrrrrrr...






This is a little icon that my dad makes to show me guarding the prisoners, the bad bad mice, on the train. Click on it and I'll show you my train layout!