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Minami OZAKI Biography

Written by Cynthia Ma

Said to be the "queen" of doujinshi, Ozaki Minami is probably one of the most eminent shoujo mangaka of the 4th generation of shoujo manga. She was born on 27 Feb 1968 in Hiratsuka city, Kanagawa prefecture. Her blood type is O. She is 158cm tall. Ozaki Minami is her real name.

Her debut work was "Chuusei no akashi" (The proof of loyalty) in 1988 when she was only 20. The following year, her work "3 days" was published in Margaret No.6. (Both work can be found in "Zetsuai -1989-" tankoubon volume 5.) At the same year (1989), she started "Zetsuai -1989-" and became very popular. She is now working on the sequel, "Bronze -Zetsuai since 1989-".

In an interview, she said she had never thought of being a mangaka. Talking about herself, she described herself as a wilful, negative, conserved, petty, gloomy, niggardly, casual, nervous, poor memory, liar, overworried, trouble asking, self-sadistic, and boring person.

She drives a red Honda NSX. (She used to have a Black Toyota Supra.) Her favourite colour is blood red and black. She thinks no colour in the world can compare to the beauty of the colour of blood. She likes eating fish, sweet food and hot food. She likes the brands Dunhill, Armani and Chanel. In terms of materialistic, she wishes she can have Rolex watch, Ferrari Testarosa, Porsche 959 and Mercedes Benz 500 SL. In terms of jewellery, she likes diamond most. She likes thunder and lightning. She likes sakura, and white roses in a big bunch (at least 30).

She uses Zebra pens, normal ink and normal manga papers. For colour illustration, she uses Special Black pen, Dr. Martin ink BB Kent paper and Panton screen tone. To draw a colour work, the fastest she took was 3 hours. The longest was 3 days. Average 6 hours.

Her impression on Nanjou Kouji was "Hentai! I don't want that sort of man! He should go and find girls occasionally..." Her advice to Izumi Takuto was "Find someone to rescue him!"

Minami OZAKI's Bibliography

Compiled by Cynthia Ma For a Japanese version (in JIS) of Ozaki's commercially published works, please click here.

Title Vol Publisher Yen 1st Ed ISBN No.


Manga Tankoubon:

Zetsuai -1989- v.1 Shuueisha 390 90.1.30 ISBN4-08-849611-6
Zetsuai -1989- v.2 Shuueisha 390 90.4.23 ISBN4-08-849639-6
Zetsuai -1989- v.3 Shuueisha 390 90.7.30 ISBN4-08-849666-3
Zetsuai -1989- v.4 Shuueisha 390 90.11.27 ISBN4-08-849703-1
Zetsuai -1989- v.5 Shuueisha 390 91.3.30 ISBN4-08-849740-6
BRONZE -Zetsuai since 1989 v.1 Shuueisha 390 92.1.29 ISBN4-08-849841-0
Bad Blood Shuueisha 500 92.11.30 ISBN4-08-848035-X
BRONZE -Zetsuai since 1989 v.2 Shuueisha 390 93.7.28 ISBN4-08-848113-5
BRONZE -Zetsuai since 1989 v.3 Shuueisha 390 94.1.30 ISBN4-08-848173-9
BRONZE -Zetsuai since 1989 v.4 Shuueisha 390 94.5.30 ISBN4-08-848213-1
BRONZE -Zetsuai since 1989 v.5 Shuueisha 390 94.7.30 ISBN4-08-848233-6
BRONZE -Zetsuai since 1989 v.6 Shuueisha 390 94.12.21 ISBN4-08-848283-2
BRONZE -Zetsuai since 1989 v.7 Shuueisha 390 95.12.20 ISBN4-08-848436-3
BRONZE -Zetsuai since 1989 v.8 Shuueisha 400 96.12.21 ISBN4-08-848585-8
BRONZE -Zetsuai since 1989 v.9 Shuueisha 400 97.3.24 ISBN4-08-848624-2

ZODIAC Seijuudensetsu Shuueisha 2000 91.4.24 ISBN4-08-782122-6
GOD Guuzouhakaishuugi Shuueisha 1300 92.11.15 ISBN4-08-848044-9
Neo Egoism Gakken 1200 93.12.15 ISBN4-05-400254-4

Minami -Bessatsu Puff- Zassousha 1200 94.7.31 Zasshi 17562-7
BRONZE -Anime Mook- Shuueisha 2000 97.3.4 ISBN4-08-102024-8

Akuratsu (Craft)
One of Ozaki's latest works. A4 Special Deluxe Edition. Two volumes in Bookcase/160+30 pages. Published by KREUZ, 95.8.18.

For a list of Minami Ozaki's Doujinshi works, please click here. The list is only available in JIS code.

Zetsuai -1989- (Desperate Love) 䰦1989
Story about the intense love relationship between popular idol singer, Nanjou Kouji (male), and soccer player, Izumi Takuto (male). Passionate but despair, the manga has a very distinct style.
Bronze -Zetsuai since 1989-
The sequel of "Zetsuai -1989-". It is still running in "Margaret" magazine.
Bad Blood
Compilation of the side stories on "Zetsuai -1989-".
Collection of illustration works.
Collection of illustration works.
NEO Egoism
Collection of illustration works.

Zetsuai 1989 & Bronze Characters

Izumi Takuto
Born Aug 15, 15 years old. Height 177cm, Weight 57kg. Leo, blood type O.
Nanjou Kouji
Born Dec 24, 18 years old. Height 189cm, Weight 74kg. Capricorn, blood type A.
Nanjou Akihito
Born May 25, 25 years old. Height 179cm, Weight 65kg. Gemini, blood type B.
Nanjou Hirose
Born Mar 22, 33 years old. Height 182cm, Weight 72kg.
Shibuya Katsumi
Born Oct 1, 18 years old. Height 170cm, Weight 54kg. Libra, blood type B.

Minami OZAKI references

Articles on Minami OZAKI can be found in Newtype June 1994 and Puff June 1994.

Translation of Bronze the manga

Shoujo Shuusan has a fan translation of the third tankoubon of Bronze. The translation was done kindly by Susan Yang. To view it please click here. For more info on the excellent fanzine Shoujo Shuusan, please contact Kim E Marlo.

Minami OZAKI Anime

1994 Bronze - Cathexis LD/VHS: 33 min

Collection of short, symbolic films that are mixed with fantasy and eroticism backed by music. Features superstar Koji Nanjou and soccer star Takuto Izumi from Zetsuai 1989. -Kim E Marlo

Incredible anime with excellent music. Great use of storytelling techniques and one of the most interesting adaptations of manga images I have ever seen. -Kim E Marlo

Susan Ching has uploaded one of the music videos, Katuai, to her site, and you can download it here. It has a size of 20Mb.

For a copy of the translation done by Kamui K. Please click here.

1992 Zetsuai 1989 (Desperate Love 1989) LD/VHS:45 min.

Confession of love by pop star Nanjou Koji to soccer prodigy Izumi Takuto. -Vince Ho

OZAKI Minami distinctive and angular drawing style makes this a unique anime, along with good rock music. Recommended for connoisseurs. -Vince Ho

For a copy of translation done by Narcissus, please click here.

Minami OZAKI CDs: Zetsuai 1989, Bronze, and other related works

Translation done by Kamui K. Please click here.

Furthur Info on Zetsuai 1989 and Bronze

You can visit Monica Shin's webpage on Zetsuai 1989. Her webpage mostly consists of scans of various title page pictures. You can also visit Susan Ching's Bishounen Page for furthur info on both Zetsuai 1989 and Bronze. If you are interested in Zetsuai 1989 and Bronze fan subbed videos (the former by Techno-girls, the latter by Hecto, you can visit the Anime Web Turnpike at Anime Web Turnpike under Fansubbers.

The Minami OZAKI Gallery

Welcome to the Minami OZAKI Gallery. I hope you enjoy the artwork by the "Queen of the Doujinshi." Any suggestion is welcomed. Special Thanks for Ms. Zahara Medina who provided me with these Ozaki works.

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